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With over 5 year of providing IT OUTSOURCING “NOC and HelpDesk Services to MSP’s” we know how to ensure uptime!

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About Our Workers

Workers are either university graduates or certified professionals in various fields of expertise.  All members of our staff are native English speakers with “NO FOREIGN ACCENT”. Using our offshore staffing will ensure your clients experience clear and quality communication experience. We specialize in providing a home away from home feel to your company’s daily outsourced virtual office requirements. Weather you need an Inbound Call Agent or a Certified Specialist within a Field we have the personnel available to get started on your project.

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About Us


Myislandworker is an offshore Outsourcing Virtual Office and offshore Staffing BPO Center located in Guyana, South America. Over the last 5 years we have specialized in providing an all encompassing virtual offshore staffing experience to our North American clientele. Our Outsourcing Model is based upon giving companies of all niches and sizes the needed resources to assist in their development and growth.

We provide a team of specialized professionals that integrate into your corporate structure as needed, ensuring all aspects of communication is processed through the communication tools you use to interact with your clients. WE FULLY BECOME A PART OF YOUR TEAM.

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Our Native Language is English. As a former British colony and part of the Caribbean Community we are able to offer as articulate English skills as good as any local North American Customer Service Agent. Call us today!



Our Standard working Hours 8am to 10pm (US EST), falls within most business hours in USA and Canada. This means we will be available for your business when you need us regardless of your time zone.



We are allowed to pay our staff well at the same time providing the same quality of service you would expect from a hire in your country at half the cost. This creates a working environment where both parties including our workers are happy and our work environment productive and fun!



Our Country is heavily sensitized to US Culture and happenings. Most persons have family in USA or Canada and follow current events in both countries. This allows us to relate to the clients of the companies we provide our services too.



We build our services and pricing around your needs and requirements. Let us know what you need and we will give you a price. Mix and match services or go with our full time plans. Quality remains the same.



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