IT Help Desk Tier Structures and Managing Tickets

Recently we began restructuring how we priced out our IT Remote Help desk for our US Based IT Clients.We found that the way we were currently managing our workload was really counter intuitive to growing our IT Helpdesk. We decided that although most of our techs are able to operate on a Teir2 level we really needed to define to our clients our Ticket flow structure and in return generate reports over the course of…

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A Second Remote Control Tool to Backup Your RMM

With the recent team viewer outage on 1st of June we were faced with a problem that some of our clients have already addressed with having a backup remote control solution. Pending projects and tickets were stuck in our MSP’s queues without the ability to Remote Desktop Support Services. Just to be clear on this, we absolutely love using team viewer. It is stable especially when you find yourself with even ten open sessions open…

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NOC Relevance In The Ever Changing IT MSP Word

Recently we were asked to explain to a prospective client why they should utilize our after hour Network Operations Center (NOC) Services. With the changing landscape with Remote management tools providers and the recent acquisition of LogicNOW by SolarWinds, we believe that it is important to constantly assess our blueprint of what our NOC Services are offering our clients. It is important to us that we are not in conflict with the automation and functionalities…

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One of the major issues that we have found IT MSP’s have encountered during their transition to larger clients is how to keep those clients that were with them from their beginning. Those clients that started out as break and fix with 5 computers or less and no servers that got the owner or lead tech at their beck and call for any of their tech needs. This would be unsustainable for the IT MSP…

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Communication of Help Desk Resolutions to IT Clients

Do we use the PSA’s auto reply email for new incidents or not to use it even in its customized form and send replies to each ticket incident manually? We have not yet come to a consensus on which is better but opinions seem to be split as some of our IT MSP Clients rely on auto replies to honor their SLA’s while others prefer to turn it off completely and give each incident ticket…

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Why Outsource Your IT HelpDesk To Guyana

The general first thought when contemplating outsourcing your IT HelpDesk is to do so in India or the Philippines. We here at MyIslandworker would like to offer you an alternative to outsourcing your IT HelpDesk needs to Guyana and our center here. Many of our Managed Service Provider clients find that by Outsourcing IT Help Desk Services needs whether that be Teir1 or 24/7 Network Operation Center services, they are provided with a team of…

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