A Second Remote Control Tool to Backup Your RMM
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A Second Remote Control Tool to Backup Your RMM

With the recent team viewer outage on 1st of June we were faced with a problem that some of our clients have already addressed with having a backup remote control solution. Pending projects and tickets were stuck in our MSP’s queues without the ability to Remote Desktop Support Services. Just to be clear on this, we absolutely love using team viewer. It is stable especially when you find yourself with even ten open sessions open at the same time. Its ability to work without imposing visual display issues which other Remote access tools seem to encounter has always been an eye saver for our technicians. So what are our alternatives?

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MyislandWorker has found that most MSP’s either implements two strategies for a backup domain remote access tool. Firstly there is the option of independent remote control software that relies on a separate client piece to be installed on the user’s computers. So this will allow them to remote control the PC without the user giving them permission.

The second train of thought is to implement a remote control solution where an email link or a code can be given to the user who needs support and the software will only initiate at their request when they need help.

The MSP generally will make their decision based on the SLA agreements they would have with their clients. Cost has become less of a factor with most remote access tools offering a per tech or user model to their pricing. Here are some of the remote access solution products that we have found to work well as a second remote access tool.


I know that splash top has its limitations but for the price point and if configured correctly it can provide a good alternative control method. Of course you should always ensure there is an additional password set to remotely access user’s computers that are different from site to site but we find that it has saved us on occasions when our primary remote access tool goes down.

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It does have file transfer which is great. On occasions the agent does not reconnect unless you login after a reboot we have found and the display clarity and resolution is still a work in progress but it is certainly worth the time in trailing.

You will have to deploy the agent to your different clients PC’s so it is a solution you should trail and make sure you are happy with it before deploying it to your clients computers. It is also priced on a per user basis currently and allows you to currently load as many agents are you need into the portal on the business plan.

Another solution that some MSP’s levitate towards is https://simple-help.com. I have worked for IT Companies that used this product before and found that other than getting use to the issues with display rendering it is not a bad solution as a backup to your primary remote access solution.

The biggest selling points being that you can buy as at this writing, license that are one off and forever. So MSP’s can invest in a license that allows two concurrent sessions and load it onto their own servers for hosting if needed. Of course as always you should trail the solution and ensure it fits your needs and your technicians are comfortable with the differences between Simple Help and your primary remote control software.

Myislandworker strongly recommends all IT MSP’s to at least have an alternative to their current remote access solution.