Using Trello as IT HelpDesk Checklist
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Using Trello as IT HelpDesk Checklist

Trello and our IT HELPDESK

Over the course of the year we have been using trello daily. We needed a solution to ensure our staff within our IT HelpDesk actually completes routine tasks according to preset guidelines. These are tasks ranging from backup checks to critial alerts management with RMM solutions that would normally be assign to our myislandworker helpdesk from our managed service provider clients. Our NOC team of our IT HelpDesk is responsibility for ensuring alerts are parsed into correct queues and then carry out a fixed set of instructions that a particular Managed Service Provider would like us to follow to ensure your procedures are carried out based on the alert issue

THE Trello Effect for MSP

This is where trello come into the equation. It is awesome to be able to create boards for each client and then create sub boards under that board for each task NOC task that our clients need completed. Lets say we have a task to check our RMM portal for alerts daily and add time to the time sheet for this we can use Trello to create a board for this task and a checklist within the board. The board can auto create itself daily which is awesome as each days board can be marked as completed and alert your Managed Service provider client via email when completed! Trello Boards at Myislandworker