BPO Outsourcing and Hiring IT Helpdesk Team members
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BPO Outsourcing and Hiring IT Helpdesk Team members

While developing and growing within our first year as an Outsourced  Center in Guyana we have quickly learned how important it is to ensure that we implement an orientation and onboarding strategy when hiring new team members to our Outsourcing IT Help Desk family. We had focused a lot of our energies in refining and developing our interview process. Placed a high value on assessment of skills based on a few IT scenarios we encounter on a day to day base. Tested the prospective candidate’s verbal, written and communication skills in an attempt to hire the perfect candidate to join our budding IT helpdesk team.

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After hiring we found that individuals we hired were still in need of further training and orientation. Our expectation of having our new hires hit the ground running was simply unrealistic. As an IT Outsourcing Helpdesk and BPO Center, it is important to place as much emphasis onboarding, new staff, as it is on hiring the right Candidate for the job. The right candidate should be acquainted with IT terminology, have some experience in the field and possess a comprehensive background in customer support both verbally and written. It is then the Outsourced Call Center responsibility to mold that new hire to fit the requirements of the portfolio they will be assigned.

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We found that we can place a higher value on a good communicator willing to follow protocols “scripts and knowledgebase’s” than someone with many years of experience in various areas but their way of thinking is too engrained in approaching an issue from the perspective that the problem is an issue seen before and they will just implement that last fix they did then actually ensuring all the boxes are checked first and foremost to mitigate any other issues that may arise.

Shaping the approach and thought the process of any new hire to our helpdesk to be refined with the practices and procedures of the Outsourcing IT Help Desk is very important. A new tech to the IT Helpdesk Team must follow the steps outlined to ensure that an issue is properly documented as much as it is resolved. Keeping track of an assets history of events is very important in ensuring long-term solutions are implemented in our resolution process of each ticket.

We here at myislandworker truly believe that taking the time to have each new staff sit and observe within their first week of employment on how we approach the business of resolving technical incidents is of the utmost importance to our growth as an IT Outsourced helpdesk.